Car Accidents

Injured in a car crash or accident with OC Transpo within Ottawa? Be informed of your rights after an accident and have a lawyer on your side from beginning to end without paying any legal fees until we successfully settle your case.

Insurance Disputes

Have your benefits been denied by your insurance company? David will provide you with a free consultation about your options and help you fight to get your benefits approved or obtain a lump-sum payment for you.

Slip And Fall Claims

If you have been hurt by poorly maintained private or City of Ottawa property, contact David right away to discuss your legal options. He will help you with all aspects of your personal injury claim.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer in OttawaYour life can change in an instant when involved in a personal injury accident in Ottawa. David is there to help you understand your rights and seek financial compensation when you've been injured or suffer from a disability.

David is an Ottawa lawyer with a focus on personal injury and disability law - he handles cases in Ottawa and all surrounding communities. With David, all consultations are free and you never have to pay any fees until your case settles.

He will help you navigate the complicated paperwork if you are the victim of a personal injury accident to ensure that you take all the steps required to build your case the best way possible, whether due to a motor vehicle collision, slip and fall or a long term disability insurance dispute.